Church Finances

The Black Swan: Learning to Survive the Unexpected

If 2020 revealed anything about churches and ministries, it is how thin a financial margin many have. In 2020, Congress passed a stimulus plan that included the PPP Loans (Payroll Protection Program), which became a significant lifeline for many small businesses, churches, and ministry organizations. Some churches thrived through the challenges of 2020 and came…

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Common Mistakes Pastors Make With Church Finances

Many pastors spend years digging into the Scriptures, caring for the members of their congregations, and learning new ways to share the gospel with a lost and dying world. However, few pastors spend much time researching business management skills and financial management. It isn’t really in their vocation to do so, yet we often times…

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Toward A Healthy Church Budget

One of the hardest (and saddest) things I have witnessed in my life was the decline and eventual death of my grandmother. As a teenager, I watched cancer ravage her body. We prayed she wouldn’t suffer much and, thank the Lord, she didn’t. However, her decline in physical vitality was real and painful to watch….

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