Re:Invest is a ministry of the Free Will Baptist Board of Retirement. The purpose of Re:Invest is based on the idea of reinvesting into the future of our denomination.

In 2019, the Board of Retirement hosted its first educational training conference, the Re:Invest Conference. The purpose of the meeting was to help train new and young leaders in areas of finance and leadership. Finances affect our daily lives, but very few people believe they have a firm grasp on the best way to handle their finances. When it comes to ministry, like other non-profits, leaders trained in areas other than finance are often required to wear the financial hat for the ministry because there is no one else. The Re:Invest Conference was created to help fill in some of the training these leaders would need to give them the confidence and guidance to not only manage their personal finances but also help lead the finances of the ministries they oversee.

This reinvestment idea has now been expanded to provide financial education, blogs, and podcasts for our denomination.  These online resources will cover a variety of topics ranging from personal finance to the business side of running a fruitful ministry. The aim is to provide information that not only makes sure your ministry is fulfilling the legal requirement but can thrive in the future, with proper planning and risk management.

Gain confidence to manage your personal finance as well as your ministry’s finance with accessible education on the go.

As stewards of the resources God has entrusted us with, we want to help teach our denomination to be the servants that received the five talents and returned ten or the servant that received three and returned 6. Our goal is to help our denomination grow and fulfill the mission the Lord has for each of us. Finance is a tool that each of us must master to reach the full potential the Lord has set for our denomination. Whether it be in our personal finances or with the financial planning of an individual ministry, being prepared for the opportunities we face ahead allows us to be able to meet God where He is already working.


For more information about the ministries of Free Will Baptist Board of Retirement, visit our website at www.boardofretirement.com.