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Finances affect our daily lives but very few people feel they have a firm grasp on how best to handle them. And those who lead ministries understand the challenge of leading the finances of the ministries they oversee. Join John Brummitt, President and CEO of Free Will Baptist Board of Retirement, and his guests as they explore a variety of topics ranging from personal finance to the business side of running a fruitful ministry. Whether you are looking for greater confidence in managing your personal finances, are seeking education to help you lead your ministry well, or just seeking to become a better manager, this podcast is for you!

Disclosures: Board of Retirement and the ReInvest Podcast is not an investment adviser. This podcast is for informational purposes only and is not intended as investment advice or an offer or solicitation with respect to the purchase or sale of any security, strategy, or investment product. Investors should make their own decisions on investment strategies based on their specific investment objectives and financial circumstances. All investments contain risk and may lose value. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.

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Considerations for Planning Ministry Events

Whether your event is large or small, organizing events takes significant planning. In our new podcast episode, John Brummitt, discusses some of the important considerations for event planning with Ryan Lewis (NAFWB Executive Administrator), and Eric Thomsen (ONE Magazine Managing Editor), both of whom have years of experience planning NAFWB events.

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The Importance of Emergency Funds – for You, and for Your Church

Every family and every church needs an emergency fund. But, often, it’s difficult to know how to begin, and how to best grow it over the long term. In this new podcast episode, John Brummitt, Chris Compton, and Eric Thomsen discuss why individuals, families, and churches need an emergency fund, as well as strategies for establishing and developing a solid plan.

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How Much Should We Help Our Children Financially?

As parents, our instinct is to help our children—but how much should we help our children financially? Just as in other areas of their lives, much depends on their age and maturity. So, what does that look like in real life? Join John Brummitt, Don Matchett (Director of Development for IMInc.) and Eric Thomsen (Editing Director of ONE Magazine) for some enlightening and encouraging discussion on this topic!

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Financial Considerations for the Sandwich Generation

About 23% of Americans (and over 50% Americans in their 40s!) care for BOTH their children and their aging parents—they are “The Sandwich Generation.” What are the financial issues of this life circumstance? What are the conversations that need to take place? How can we best serve our parents and our children during this time? In our new podcast, “Financial Considerations for the Sandwich Generation” John Brummitt discusses all of this, and more, with other NAFWB leaders, Don Matchett (Director of Development for IMInc.) and Eric Thomsen (Editing Director of ONE Magazine).

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If God Cares for Our Needs, Why Do We Need to Plan?

While we have the knowledge and security of knowing the Lord will meet our needs, what is our role in planning for our future? In this episode, John Brummitt and Chris Compton discuss the importance of doing our part, to wisely use the resources and opportunities the Lord provides, even as we rest in the knowledge that He cares for us.

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Helpful Tips for Establishing Your Church’s Institutional Investment Planning

There are many reasons churches and church organizations should consider intuitional investing but, sometimes, we don’t know how to get started. We encourage you to listen to this new podcast, in which John Brummitt and Chris Compton discuss some practical, helpful tips and recommendations for beginning the Institutional Investing process. 

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“I Have To” v. “I Want To”

We do lots of things we don’t particularly want to do…and it’s not realistic to get excited about ALL of those things. But, how many of them are real priorities, that will have meaningful or long-term benefit? And what would it look like if—for those things—we could change our “I Have To” to “I Want To?” In our new podcast, John Brummitt and Chris Compton talk it over and provide insight about switching our paradigm, to help us feel excited about working towards the things that really matter in our lives.

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Don’t Leave Your Legacy to Chance

“Legacy” is more than the stuff we leave behind when we die. But what, exactly, is it and how do we leave a legacy that lives on? In this episode, John Brummitt and Chris Compton discuss why it’s important to intentionally plan a legacy that represents what truly matters to us and offer some suggestions for getting started.

For additional insight on legacy planning, visit https://boardofretirement.com/why-is-legacy-leaving-important/

Host: John Brummitt Guest: Chris Compton

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Opting Out of Social Security

Is “opting-out” of Social Security an option for ministers? It is an option and in this episode we will discuss the implications for ministers who are thinking about opting out and the things they should have in place to protect themselves and their families before they do.

You can read Chris’ article “Is ‘Opting-Out’ an Option” at reinvestfwb.com.

Host: John Brummitt Guest: Chris Compton

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Making a Plan Pt.2

John Brummitt, President/CEO of Free Will Baptist Board of Retirement, presented “Making a Plan” at the 2019 Re:Invest Conference.

Find more resources at www.reinvestfwb.com.

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