Essential Resources

Essential Resources

These Essential Resources are provided to assist you in the areas of personal finance and church adminstration.

Church Excel Resources
Free Resources to EXCEL in church administration

Minister’s Tax and Financial Guide
Your clear step-by-step guide to making minister’s taxes easy (for 2020 tax returns).

Church & Nonprofit Tax and Financial Guide
Easy to use-cutting through the complexity of taxes and finance (for 2020 taxes and reporting).

Ministers’ Taxes Made Easy
A clear, concise, and reliable help for minister income taxes (for 2019 tax returns).

Church Reporting Made Easy
Federal, state, and other reporting made easy (for 2019 taxes and reporting).

Parenting Financially-Minded Children
Basic economic concepts children of different age groups need to know

If you have other topics you would like addressed or information you would like resources on, please feel free to contact us.

Disclaimer: The Essential Resources is presented as assistance to pastors, lay-leaders and Boards and is not intended as specific financial, tax or legal advice. Boards and leaders should contact their local accounting and legal advisers for specific assistance.