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Is “Opting Out” An Option?

Chris Compton

Over the past six years working at the Board of Retirement, I have had many discussions with ministers about opting out of Social Security. Some of those discussions were with young ministers contemplating the possibility, while other discussions were with older ministers who wished they hadn’t opted out. In these discussions, I learned most people…

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Common Mistakes Pastors Make With Church Finances

John Brummitt

Many pastors spend years digging into the Scriptures, caring for the members of their congregations, and learning new ways to share the gospel with a lost and dying world. However, few pastors spend much time researching business management skills and financial management. It isn’t really in their vocation to do so, yet we often times…

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Helping A Minister With His Taxes

Chris Compton

The greatest privilege of my life was to pastor a local church. When I was younger, I never dreamed I would become a preacher. After graduating high school, I entered college to prepare for a long career in healthcare. I pursued those plans and worked in various positions for 14 years. Yet, God had a…