Ripple Effects

Growing up in church, the idea of giving back to the Lord was taught regularly. When I began working and earning income for myself, I tithed and continue to tithe from my income as part of my worship to God. As churchgoers, we often miss the reasons God asks us to give because we look…

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The Farmer

The farmer is a steward of the land. The farmer is a conservationist of natural resources. The farmer invests his time, sweat, blood, and money to produce a harvest. The farmer lives out the blessing of the first God-ordained job: tend the garden. The farmer endures the curse of man’s sin by beating back the…

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Clarity From Crisis

During the height of crisis, it is hard finding a way forward, as if we are looking through a darkened window. Most people are ready for 2020 to be over. It has been a hard year for most everyone. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world to its knees in many ways, at least for…

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